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˜™ A Brief History Of High School Muar ˜™

˜ A Brief History Of High School Muar ˜

1902 – Founding of the School: The school began as a Government English School and it was first housed in an attap shed known as ‘Balai Kuning’ which was actually used by the Sultan as a reception hall whenever he visited Muar. It was located at the site of the present High Court Building. The school was founded in 1902. It was under the charge of one Mr. C.P. Frois, a Eurasian gentleman from Malacca. He was the first headmaster cum teacher of the school and the enrolment of the school then was about 40 pupils. The school functioned at this site for about one year and then shifted to a site somewhere near the present town mosque. The enrolment increased to about 80 and there were two teachers by then, each handling 40 pupils. The school buildings belonged to a Malay school but the Government English School used it in the afternoon.

1903 - School Moved To A New Site: In 1903 or thereabout the school shifted to a wooden building which was somewhere in Jalan Abdullah, located approximately opposite the RHB Bank. After about a year the school shifted to where the present Pagoh-Panchor Bus Station is. Here too the Government English School shared the Malay School building. We were told that the building was a wooden structure built from the old horse stables brought over from Johor Bahru. A new headmaster, Mr. Paglar, took over the headship.

1907 - Another Movement: Sometime in 1907, the school shifted to a new site somewhere near the present Shell service station in Jalan Sulaiman. It occupied 4 wooden houses which were turned into a school. In 1910, it moved temporarily to a site in Tanjung.

1915 – New School Building: The present High School building, consisting of the hall and the classrooms immediately around the hall, was ready in 1914 but the school did not shift into the new building until 1915. For one year the school building was occupied by the Post Office because the Post Office building was not ready. In 1915 when the school shifted into its own building for the first time it had a new headmaster by the name of Mr. Hugh Mortimer. He was one of four English educationists who were brought into Johor by the state government. Even by this time the teachers had to go out into the kampongs to persuade the Malay parents to send their children to English school. There was a prejudice against the learning of the English Language.

1922. Mr. Huge Crombies, Headmaster:


There used to be no age limit and in many cases pupils used to be older than the teachers. The school progressed well and Mr. Moore was succeeded by Mr. Hugh Crombies in 1922. Then came on Mr. F.L. Shaw who was a headmaster for a very short period and he was succeeded by Mr. David Roper who was a headmaster from 1922-1929

1928. Extension to School Building;


In 1928 the existing school building became too small to take in all those who wanted English education and the two new wings consisting of 8 classrooms were put up. Our school song was composed by Miss Belly Milne, the Head of the English Preparatory school.

1929. Mr. J. R. Taylor. Headmaster:

In 1929 came the most well-known and most devoted of the Government English School headmasters – Mr. Taylor. He was a retired headmaster and his experience enabled him to do a lot for the school. He remained as the headmaster until the Second World War disrupted everything in this part of the world. During the Japanese occupation period and until Japan surrendered, the school was under the charge of Mr. C. D. Westwood. Many headmasters had come and gone since the war and some of them were:

1. Mr. C. D. Westwood.                    2. Mr. G. Woods.

3. Lt. Col. C. A. Scott                        4. Mr. W. Gibson. 

   (known locally as “Captain Scoot”)

5. Mr. Clarke.                                    6. Mr. A. Williamson.

        7. Mr.G. P. Daniel                              8. Mr. E. A. Balshaw.  

From the time Lt. Col. Scott left the school there had been many short periods in between when some of the senior teachers acted as headmasters. Some of them were Mr. P. C. Joseph, Mr. A. K. Pillai and Mr.Chiang Mong Hoe.

1954 - Golden Jubilee :

The school celebrated its Golden Anniversary in September 1954.

1957-Mr. D.P. Pereira, Headmaster In August, 1957, Mr. D.P.


Pereira took over from Mr. Balshaw, the last expatriate head of the school. The High School was one of the pioneer schools in Johor to have remove classes, the so-called vocational classes and secondary classes in the Malay medium. Increasing number of pupils were being admitted at the beginning of each year.

1959-High School- Day Training Centre (D.T.C.)



To meet the increasing intake of pupils, the former Preparatory School building was allocated to High School in 1957, but before it could be occupied by the school it was loaned to the newly-established Teachers’ Day Training Centre. In 1959 the Centre moved to its present premises, and for a year High School had the use of the ex-Preparatory School building.

1963 - High School-Sekolah Dato` Sri Amar Di-Raja.


From 1960 to 1962, the Malay medium secondary classes continued to grow larger. The following year, these classes were shifted to a new school called Sekolah Dato’ Sri Amar Di-Raja with a brand new building of its own.

1964 - School Population 1800: 


High School reoccupied the ex-Preparatory School building in January,1963, just in time to meet the largest intake of pupils in the history of the school, an intake which boosted the enrolment to over 1400 (though it was surpassed in January, 1964, which brought the enrolment up to 1800).

1964 - High School- Sekolah Menengah Tengku Mahkota:


Meanwhile, in April, 1962, a new type of school was mooted- the Post Primary or Secondary Continuation School, for pupils who did not make the grade in the secondary school examinations. The new school for boys in Muar was to be in two sections, a Malay Medium section, and an English medium section, and the school was told to find accommodation for it and administer it in its early stage. Temporary accommodation was found for it in two primary school buildings in the afternoons. In January, 1964, this school also moved into its new building at Parit Raja to become the Sekolah Menegah Tengku Mahkota

High School – Centre For Normal Classes:


This school was from pre-war years to 1960 the centre for North Johore of the teacher-training system known as normal Classes, through which the bulk of English school teachers was trained before the advent of the training centres. The headmaster of the High School was the ex-officio of the Senior Normal Instructors Centre or head of the centre

High School – Centre For Secondary Continuation School Training: 

The training centre for Secondary Continuation School teachers was also sited in this school for convenience, but the administration of the centre was not the responsibility of the school

High School-Centre For the Regional Training Centre (R.T. C.) For Teachers:


In 1965, the government started a crash programme for the training of secondary teachers. This training programme was called Regional Training Centre (R.T.C.). Again High School premises were used during the weekends for this purpose. This centre was responsible for the trainingof three batches of Regional Training Centre teachers. In conjunction with this training programme, more pupils were taken into the school and the enrolment passed the 2000 mark.

1965 - Sixth Form Classes Started: 

In 1965, two sixth form classes were started in this school to cater for pre-University students of North Johore

1966 - High School-Sekolah Menengah Sri Muar.: 


In 1966 when the school became too large, the lower secondary classes were split and they formed the nucleus of a new school, situated just behind our science laboratory. The school became known as Sekolah Menengah Sri Muar.

1969 - New Sixth Form Block


A New Sixth form block was built in 1969 to cater for the expanding sixth form population.

1973 - Mr. M. G. Parry, Headmaster.

In May 1973 the headmaster, Mr. D. P. Pereira, went on retirement and Mr. M.G. Parry took over as headmaster.

1974 - High School II.


In June 1974 a further split took place and some of the Lower Secondary Classes moved to the High School II building at Jalan Junid

1978 - Farewell to an illustrious headmaster

At the end of the year, Mr. M.G. Parry left the school to assume a new post in Johore Bahru.

1979 - Tuan Sheikh Hussin bin Ali, Heasmaster.


The school welcomed its new headmaster, Tuan Sheikh Hussin bin Ali.  On 15th June, High School II became an independent school of its own - known officially as Sekolah Menegah JalanJunid with En. Aziz bin Mohd as the headmaster. This year also marked the 75th Anniversary of the school. The school had now an enrolment of 1,682 and a staff of 74 teachers

1982 - 1996- Tn. Hj. A. Wahab bin Suradi, Principal


In 1982, Tn. Hj. A. Wahab was appointed as the new Principal. In 1984 – Muar High School celebrated its 80th anniversary and it was also chosen as the venue for an exhibition in conjunction with Muar Town 100th year celebration which lasted for 3 days from 9.9.1984 until 11.9.1984

MUAR HIGH SCHOOL  new buildings. 1991.

A few old buildings were demolished and replaced with new ones. Block F in 1990 and Block L in 1991 were built to provide more classrooms whereas Block G built in 1990 accommodated the administrative office, science laboratories, a resource centre and the school library. A new hall was also built in

1996 -1997 – Tn. Hj. Abas bin Deraman was made principal in 1996 .

Under his administration, the present school ‘Surau’ was constructed in 1997.

1998 -1999 – Cik Hajjah Aminah bt. Ahmad took over as Principal when the former retired.


She was the first lady principal of this school. During her time, she tried to make the 1915 Muar High School buildings into heritage buildings by applying for a grant from the government of Johor to refurbish the buildings. She also introduced the Malay traditional costume (Baju Melayu) to be worn by all the Muslim students on Friday.

1999 - 2001- Pn. Maznah bt. Abu Bakar was appointed as the principal.

She continued where the former principal left off and the old buildings (Blocks A and B) were refurbished at the cost of RM 2.5 million. Work on the refurbishment started in 1999 and was completed in 2001. It was then declared as a ‘heritage building’ when it was completed. In 1999 – the school was allocated a multi purpose court by the The Johor Youth and Sport Ministry which was located beside the hockey field replacing the co-curicular building which was demolished.

July 2001- December 2001 Tn. Hj. Jamian bin Jaffar replaced Pn Maznah bt. Abu Bakar as the principal –

The old blocks (Block A and B) were fully used in that year. During his short time as principal, Muar High School won the State Level Choral Speaking Competition and entered the competition at the national level.

December 2001 until 18 May 2003- Tn. Hj. Baharol Din bin Hassan was the principal.


On 29th March 2002 Muar High School celebrated its 100th year celebration. On 29th March 2003 saw the opening ceremony of Block A was officiated by the Chief Minister of Johor, Y.A.BIN Dato’ Hj. Abd. Ghani bin Othman and officially declared as a heritage building by the Chief Director of the Malaysian Arcade, Yg. Bhg. Dato Habibah bt Zon. The school was also the first runner up for the School Financial Management Competition at the national level in 2002.

1st July 2003, Pn. Nilan Tai bt. Abdullah took over the post as the principal.

There had been many changes to the school from 2003 to 2005. The school won many competitions at district, state, national and international levels. Among the successes are:

i.                     Champion for the International Competitions for Schools

               organised by the University of South Wales, Australia in

              Computer Skills and English Skills, 2003 -2005

ii.            Shell Malaysia Award for best PMR results, 2003

iii.                 First runner up for the Poster drawing competition National Level, 2003

iv.                 First runner up in the National Level ‘Sekolah Selamat’     

competition, 2003

v.           Third place for the ‘3K’ competition national level, 2003

vi.           First runner up and Champion for the state level Landscape

              competitions in 2003 and 2004.

vii.         In 2004, Muar High School was the champ in the Excellent

              Management of the State Level Resource Center Competition  

              and also won the consolation award for excellent resource

              center at the national level.

viii.         In 2005, Muar High School won the ‘Sekolah Harapan Negara’

              state level competition.

ix.          In 2005, the Ministry of Education officially recognized Muar

             High School as a premier secondary school in the country.

x.          In 2006, Muar High School won third place in the ‘Sekolah

             Harapan Negara’’ National Level competition and once

             again emerged champion in the State Level Landscape


xi.         In 2007, the Principal Pn. Milan Tai bt. Abdullah was the 2nd

             runner-up for the National Level ICT Leader’s Awards and

             runner-up for the Excellent Management of School Resource

             Centre Award at  the state level.

20th May 2008, Muar High School celebrated another historical event when the 75th Annual School Sports Day was carried out. Some other achievements for  this year are as the following:

·         the Champion of the National Robotic Competition for Segamat, Muar and Batu Pahat Districts Level

·         1st  Runner-up at the  State Level on the 24th July 2008 for the second time since 2007

·         Champion in the Science and Technology Innovation Competition for Muar District Level.

·         DG Outstanding Environmental Project Award 2007-2008

·         DG Outstanding Leadership Skill Award 2007-2008

·         DG Leo Wise Children Award 2007-2008

·         DG Outstanding Community Service Award 2007-2008.




25th May 2008. Pn. Milan Tai bt. Abdullah retired from her post.

She was succeeded by Puan Hjh. Latifah bt. Hamdan on 20th October 2008 as the new Senior Principal of Muar High School.

August 2008

Block E, Living Skill Block, canteen and the Upper Forms Science Laboratory were demolished to make way the construction of new blocks

2th July 2009

High School Muar received the ‘School of Excellent Award’ (Anugerah Sekolah Cemerlang) from the Ministry of Education.

November 2009

The High School Muar Heritage Block war refurbished

6th December 2009

A fund raising dinner with Deputy Prime Minister who is also the Minister of Education YAB Tan Sri Dato’ Haji Muhyiddin bin Haji Mohd Yassin (a High School Muar Old Boys) organized by High School Muar Parents Teachers Association and High School Muar Old Boys Association in aid to form a High School 1 Malaysia Brass Band was hell in the school hall

14th January 2010

The new blocks, E and D were opened. The Form 3 students were placed in the 6 classes on the second floor. Other rooms were opened for Science laboratories, Living Skills, Music and Art.

10th April 2010

Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan Akademik was organised to give away the prizes to the high achievers of Muar High School in the PMR, SPM, STPM as well as the 2009 final examinations; this was followed by the Parent-Teacher Association’s Annual General Meeting

23rd October 2010

Pn Hjh Latifah bt Hamdan officiated the school mascot ‘The Eager Eagle’, the school’s new website and also officiated the following:

·         Surau An Nur

·         Examination Operation Room (BOP)

·         Audio-Visual Room

·         Self Assessed Learning Room

·         Visual Art Room

·         Muar High Cafetaria

·         Foyer Putra

8th November 2010

The Farewell Ceremony was held in conjunction with the retirement of Pn Hjh Latifah bt Hamdan and was attended by the District Education Office officials, Headmasters and Principals;

The school’s Annual Dinner was also held at night the same day  and was organised by our Kelab Staf

9th November 2010

A special assembly in conjuction with the Pricipal’s retirement was held and attended by the students of HSM. Students assemble at the Putra Square after the assembly to bid farewell to the Principal

13th December 2010

Pn Hjh Latifah bt Hamdan retired from her post.

8th Julai 2011

Puan Hjh. Siti Rumjah binti Banaji on 8th Julai 2011 as the new Senior Principal of Muar High School.